Weather & Clothing

  • Will the festival be held in case of bad weather or no snow?

    In principle, the festival will be held regardless of weather conditions. However, the festival may be canceled in case the host considers stormy or disastrous weather may cause danger to visitors. Although the festival will be held regardless of weather conditions, snow lantern making activity may be cancelled should snow accumulation is insufficient

  • What is current snow coverage?

    Please check snow coverage conditions at Kayabuki-no-sato by live camera below.

  • How cold is the weather in Kyoto Miyama during the Snow Lantern Festival?
    Is there any on-site shops where I can get winter clothes and/or other winter gears?

    If there is snow, the temperature may drop below zero degrees Celsius in the evening. Please wear suitable warm clothes and shoes for snowy and icy roads. There is no onsite shop you can get winter clothes and/or other gears.


  • Is there any direct bus from Kyoto City?

    Direct bus from Kyoto Station will be operated every day during the event.

  • Please let me know access information by public transportation.

    From JR Kyoto Station, take JR San-in Line for Hiyoshi Station (most trains require a transfer at Sonobe Station). From Hiyoshi Station, take Nantan City Bus for Miyama and get off at Kita Bus stop. For details, please refer
    *Please be noted the last bus leaves Kita bus stop (Kayabuki-no-sato) in early evening (18:25 on weekdays, 17:01 on Saturdays and 16:54 on Sundays).
    To fully enjoy thatched roof houses illumination, we recommend you to take the excursion bus from Kyoto Station (or Sonobe Station) operated by Keihan Kyoto Kottsu.

  • I’d like to come the festival by rental car. Are there any precautions I need to be aware of?

    Your rental car must wear winter tires. Roads may get icy during the festival period.

  • Please let me know the road information such as any road closures.

    Please check the Kyoto Prefecture Road Information site below (in Japanese only):

  • I’d like to visit the festival using taxi. Which taxi company is recommended?

    Please contact us with following details. Name/Date/Departure time/Departure place/Number of guests/Phone number


  • Is there car parking space?

    Please use car parking for Snow Lantern Festival which require prior reservation/payment. If you plan to come the festival, please make prior reservation via our website.

  • I’d like to make on-site payment by cash. Is it possible?

    We are afraid but no cash payment is acceptable. We request prior payment for any type of vehicles without exception.

  • If there is any vacancy, can I park without reservation?

    Unfortunately, no. Any and all car parking requires prior reservation/payment during festival period . We highly appreciate your understanding.

  • I tried to make reservation, but the day I plan to visit was fully booked. Is there any nearby car parking?

    There is no nearby car parking. Car parking requires prior reservation/payment for all days during the festival period. Please try other days or use other means of transportaion (Kyoto-Miyama excursion bus operated by Keihan Kyoto Kotstu etc.)

About Yukitouro

  • Is there any admission fare?

    No admission fee.
    Car parking requires prior payment of parking fee.

  • Do I need to make reservation to join Snow Lantern Making Activity?

    No reservation is required except for group customers. We ask travel agencies to contact us to make a reservation for the activity.

  • Where can I watch winter fireworks?

    Anywhere in the venue (Kayabuki-no-sato)

  • Is there any nearby restaurant to have meals indoors besides food stalls?

    There are two restaurants close to car parking area and one pizza cafe within the village. The space of each is limited hence you may need to wait for a while.

For disabled person

  • Is there a car parking space for a physically disabled person?

    Yes. As the number of the space is limited, please specify you require a car parking space for physically disabled person when you make reservation.

  • Can I use wheelchair to stroll around the venue?

    We are afraid but if your wheelchair is not adaptable for snowy and/or rough road, you may not be able to move around the venue.

Venue Services & Facilities

  • Is there a temporary luggage storage?

    We are afraid but there is no temporary luggage storage (nor coin-operated lockers) in the venue.

  • Can I use credit cards or e-money in the venue?

    Payments for food stalls and Snow Lantern Making Activity is by cash only. You can use credit cards or e-money at souvenir shops and restaurants in the venue.

  • Is there any ATM near the venue to withdraw cash?

    There is no ATM or e-money charging facility near the venue. Please have some cash ready before you visit.

  • Where can I go when I feel ill?

    Please come to the reception.

  • Can I use a drone to take pictures?

    Flying drones to take photographs in and around Miyama’s thatched village is prohibited at any time.


  • Is there any nearby sightseeing spot?

    Please refer Miyama navi for any sightseeing information of Kyoto Miyama

  • I’m considering to stay overnight in Kyoto Miyama. Please let me know the information on the accommodations.

    Please refer the information on the accommodations in Kyoto Miyama here.