• Thatched village illumination
  • Thatched-Roof Houses Illumination
  • Snow Lantern Making Activity
  • Japanese traditional dance
  • Mochi Pounding Activity
  • Winter Fireworks
  • Food stalls

Thatched village illumination

EVERYDAY 17:00-20:00

The village will be decorated with glow of 3 types of lanterns (handmade snow lanterns, 78 flower lanterns, 200 LED lanterns), creating nostalgic and fantastic landscape.

Thatched-Roof Houses

EVERYDAY from 27th January to 29th February 2024 17:00-20:00

About 20 thatched-roof houses at the center of the village will be illuminated until the last day of February 2024. Visitors may enjoy the beautiful sight of snow covered thatched-roofs.

Snow Lantern Making Activity

EVERYDAY 15:00-19:30

Visitors are welcomed to participate in making snow lanterns for the festival.
Be interactive and enjoy making your own style lanterns to create more beautiful scenery.
Pay ¥100 (event cooperation fee) to rent a snow lantern making kit (bucket, mini-shovel and candle)
Note: Depending on weather conditions, this event may be canceled.

Japanese traditional dance

31th January & 3rd February 2024
DATE 31th January & 3rd February 2024
TIME 18:00-
VENUE Chii Hachiman Shrine in Kayabuki-no-sato (google map)
PRICE free of charge
No reservation required

Japanese traditional dance dedication to the historic shrine known to be founded in 1058.
Enjoy watching Japanese traditional dance performance in special atmosphere surrounded by soft glow of lanterns.

Mochi Pounding Activity

28th January (Sun)/ 2nd February (Fri) 2024
DATE 28th January (Sun)/ 2nd February (Fri) 2024
TIME 17:30-
VENUE Chii Hachiman Shrine in Kayabuki-no-sato (google map)
PRICE free of charge

No reservation required but maximum capacity is 15 on first-come and first served basis.
Followed by the event, mochi (rice cakes) will be served as zenzai (sweet red bean soup)(limited to 50 servings)

Winter Fireworks

31st January (Wed)/ 3rd February (Sat) 18:30-

Duration of firework is expected to be 5 minutes.
Enjoy winter fireworks at the illuminated thatched village, Kayabuki-no-sato!
*Crowding is expected on firework dates. Please be careful especially when crossing the road.

DATE 31st January (Wed)/ 3rd February (Sat)
TIME 18:30-

Food stalls

EVERYDAY 14:00-19:30

Enjoy Miyama’s delicacies at food stalls.
Give it a go for the local taste.

DATE EVERYDAY during the festival period (27th January – 3rd February 2024) 14:00 – 19:30

Business hours of restaurant, cafe, souvenir shop during the event
Restaurant Kitamura
 31 JAN…4:00pm~8:00pm(L.O.7:30pm)
 Other dates…10:00am~3:00pm, 4:00pm~8:00pm(L.O.7:30pm)
Cafe Gallery Saika
 31 JAN, 3 FEB…10:00am~6:30pm
 Other dates…10:00am~6:00pm
 28,30 JAN…11:00am~5:00pm
 27, 31 JAN, 3 FEB…11:00am~7:00pm
Cafe Milan
 Weekdays…10:00am~5:30pm *Closed on 31 JAN
 3 FEB…10:00am~7:00pm
 10:00am~7:00pm *Closes at 5:00pm in some cases
 31 JAN, 3 FEB…10:00am~8:00pm *Closes at 5:00pm in some cases
Souvenir shop Kaya-no-Sato